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Emmy’s Success Story

Emmy’s Workshop is named after Emmy Noether, a mathematician from the early 20th century. Albert Einstein called her “the most significant creative mathematical genius thus far produced since the higher education of women began.”

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She Persisted

Despite being banned from university math classes due to being a woman, she persisted, as a student and a professor. And you too - regardless of personal characteristics - can succeed at math.

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The Scientists

Emmy’s Workshop is part of a research project on how to build effective computer-based educational systems. We use machine learning to make sense of how you solve problems. By using the site, you’re contributing to what we know about the kinds of mistakes and strategies people use to solve equations.

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Anna Rafferty

is an assistant professor of computer science at Carleton College. She develops technologies that use machine learning to help students, and aims to combine academic research with real world impact through projects like Emmy’s Workshop.

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Tom Griffiths

is a professor of psychology at the Princeton University, and the director of the Computational Cognitive Science Lab. His research focuses on developing mathematical models of higher level cognition.

Rachel Jansen headshot

Rachel Jansen

is a graduate student at UC Berkeley in the Computational Cognitive Science Lab. Her research focuses on mathematics education and cognition. She uses Emmy’s Workshop to explore motivation and students’ perceptions of math.

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